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Wound Care Services

Wound Care
The Ramat Medical Wound Care Program has been comprehensively designed to help your facility achieve four very important objectives. Increase the;

  • Quality of Patient Care
  • Meet State Survey Requirements
  • Provide On-going Education for Staff
  • Save Money

We start with education.  Our wound care experts cover the following topics at the initial in-service:

  • Wound Identification
  • Wound Classification and Measurement
  • High-risk Pressure Points and Preventative Measures
  • Clinical Conditions and their Implementations for Treatment
  • Wound Management: Developing Treatment Plans and Protocols
  • Specialty Wound Dressings

clinicalservices2Education materials are provided and the in-service includes a comprehensive question and answer session for both general questions, as well as those relating to the care and treatment of specific patients or conditions.

We continue with hands-on patient assessment and documentation for the wound care patients in your facility.

Each consultation includes:

  • Written Wound Evaluation
  • Digital pictures upon request
  • Recommended treatment plan
  • Recommended product protocol

We train your staff in proper dressing change protocols and in the appropriate use of each product.

Finally, we provide dressings for your qualifying patients: patients with Medicare Part B coverage that are no longer on Medicare Part A reimbursement.  As a participating Medicare Part B provider, we provide, we provide these products and bill Medicare directly, which eliminates these items from your budget. Medicare Part B covers surgical dressings for ulcers, surgical incisions, wounds, g-tube sites, and burns.

Wound Care Specialist:

Mary Collins Peoples: Director Wound Care Clinical Services – (323) 938-7419

Continuing Education and Technical Support Trained professionals are available to in-service as needed by the facilities and their staff.  Technical support is available to assist in equipment set up, repairs, or assembly.