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Matrix II


The new Matrix II is the latest addition to the innovative line of Basic American beds that offers a high quality bed with features to meet your resident long-term care needs while addressing pricing concerns. The Matrix II is designed with a superior grid deck sleep surface that provides the upmost security for your residents. With features such as adjustable hi-lo bed height adjustment and easy mobility, the Matrix II provides an ideal solution that meets both your resident and caregiver needs at an affordable price.


  • Patented design keeps bed level and balanced at all times providing a more comfortable, restful sleep
  • Strong Grid deck is superior to old-fashioned spring link designs. Structural crossmembers offer a “nosag” mattress support surface that provides the ultimate support and is easy to clean and disinfect
  • Quiet, powerful and smooth operation by using only three DC motors – a peaceful operation and savings in maintenance cost versus traditional four or more motors
  • Smooth, rapid height adjustment from a low 8.95″ to 25″ enhancing efficiency and reducing staff injury due to faster adjustment for proper resident care
  • Straight vertical travel takes up less room space and keeps your walls scratch free
  • 360 degree mobility at ANY height – can move from room to room at any height, even the lowest
  • Structured Base provides a reinforced, robust, base that is designed for support yet offers sufficient underbed clearance, ideal for using overbed tables and patient lifts
  • Leg lift system is optional feature used for improving comfort for residents with edema and poor leg circulation
  • Lok-n-Roll option provides a one-step locking system that is easily accessible even with low bed height

Highest Safety and Quality Standards
Built to conform to UL 60601-1 and IEC601-2-38, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1 the Liberty Bed offers the following ensuring the utmost resident and staff safety:

  • No pinch points within 200mm of bed perimeter
  • Rolling clearance of 20mm over thresholds
  • Splash-proof electronics
  • Load capacity and tip-stability testing

And For Infection Control…
Introducing SilverSolutions!

  • Superior, high efficacy that protects painted surfaces
  • Antimicrobial kills more than 99.9% of odor and stain causing bacteria
  • Lasts for the expected life of the bed
  • Non-allergenic and safe for the environment
  • High concentration of silver ions gives high efficacy
  • Requires no special handling
  • A cost-effective solution that is built-in to last

Accessories & Options
Extension Kit – The 4″ extender is designed to extend the sleep surface an extra 4 inches. This allows the use of the 84″ mattress on an 80″deck, or an 80″ mattress on a 76″ deck.
Trapeze & Trapeze Adapter – Trapeze is adjustable to accommodate residents’ reach. Adapter allows for easy attachment of trapeze system to headboard.
Pendant Hand Control – Easy operation contoured Hand Control Pendant is shock-resistant, water-proof and durable. Holster conveniently secures to bedrails and assist devices for easy access. Backlit hand control with underbed light is optional.
Half Length Assist Device and Assist Bar provide a sturdy and secure handhold to assist residents in and out of bed. Assist devices are removable without tools and meet FDA Entrapment Guidelines providing upmost security for residents.
Wall Saver Baseboard&Side Bumpers – Both Wall Saver Baseboard and Side Bumpers provide wall protection and eliminate the need for rollers.

Overbed Tables & Patient Lifts – Underbed clearance allows for easy use of overbed tables & patient lifts.

Basic American Matrix II™ Specifications
Additional Features Include:
– High Quality UL 60601, IEC601-2-38, CAN/CSA C22.2
No. 601.1 compliance meets the highest global safety standards for electrical medical equipment
– Electrostatic powder-coated antimicrobial bed surface provides a longer-lasting, durable finish
– Grounded – Standard Hospital Grade
– Comes standard with Corner Mattress Retainers
– U.S. Patents – US 7,421,748 1
– Multiple Patents Pending